TV as a platform like Facebook

Ever considered TV as a platform like Facebook. Bet TV has more followers than Facebook. There are some inroads being made in this areas. Recently I became aware of a service which uses the Direct to home (DTH) to teach housewives English in India. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Let’s say  you are watching a program –  American Idol. What if you could chat/discuss/debate with other viewers watching  the same program? Present your own view of  a contestant maybe. Maybe give some sound advice to Simon. The program could also be a sporting event. You know how people love to teach the pro’s to play. All this are centered around a program/event.

I have not yet figured this out. Let me think more about it and get back. Facebook-TV . Hmmm…


The mantra for success

Most entrepreneurs pursue the question “How can I succeed?” From day one, Packard and Hewlett pursued a different question: “What can we contribute?”

I think this simple statement deserved to be a post in itself.

The Start

The road ahead

The road ahead

Always wanted to write a blog that millions will read. But realized in the end that I want to write something that I would want to read.