iPhone for start ups.

There is nothing powerful than an idea whose time has come. This was very much true when the AppStore initially came into being. A developer with an “eye-catching” concept could just steal the show away. iShoot, Koi Pond, iBeer …the list goes on. Now with 75000 applications, does the idea really matter?.

As of now , it looks like the developer would have to spend more on the marketing of the application rather than designing and developing the application.  We fall back to the age old cycle. The application that is most visible takes all the attention and the dollars. This might not be an ideal situation for a startup. They have to invest a good deal of their money in getting reviews, promoting the application, pricing it low and so on. This means that the initial investment on the application is quite high. This also means that there is very small margin for error.  An entrepreneur better hope that he has put the money on the right horse …sorry the right idea.

But I feel all is not lost.  I still believe a great concept/idea can still make good. So when you choose to create an iPhone application, think well. Just do not estimate the time to design and implement the application. Take time to consider the marketing aspects too.  Basically think on how do you make your application stand out among 75,000 applications.